Anyone that pays Business Rates has the right to appeal for a reduction

Carrying out an appeal

Carrying out an appeal will not affect your relationship with your Local Authority and is something that many businesses do at some point, to reduce their operating costs.

If your business has received its Business Rates bill and you’re wondering if you can claim back some of the money, or reduce your liability in future years, below are some simple things to look for.

  • Your property rent is lower than your Rateable Value
  • Your Rateable Value has increased since your last bill
  • You don’t fully occupy the property
  • You have vacated or demolished part of your premises
  • Your local vacancy rates have increased
  • Your property is undergoing maintenance works sanctioned by the landlord
  • Your property is affected by maintenance works being carried out on a neighboring building or roadworks
  • The Valuation Office Agency has valued a reception or service area that is not within your control, or is a communal area
  • The Valuation Office Agency has served a notice on your property

It is important to remember that you still have to pay the rates bill even while the appeal is ongoing.

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